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Health and Beauty and Perfect Peace

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Adorning yourself with scarves and fashion accessories is but one way to inspire you to reach for more colour in your life, as well as broaden your understanding of the powerful role that colour plays in our everyday mood, feelings and demeanour. Smiling Inside is all about connecting to the Energy of Colour using the vehicle of colourful fashion accessories to explore the incredible impact that colour can have on the way you feel about yourself and others on a day-to-day basis.

Spring Green Lace Colour Set

Ponder if you wish, the impact of colours that you are drawn to from the Meaning of Colour article within the website. How does colour make you feel? What colours are you currently drawn to? Would you like more or less of these colours in your life and why? Which colours uplift you, strengthen you, relax you, focus you? Which colours make you feel truly beautiful from the inside out?


The luxury of touch is such a basic need. My love for textiles and colour has led me on an incredible journey over the past five years, sourcing beauty and style via the simple yet transformational accessory - the Scarf. I love that they can be found in so many colours, and expressions from around the world. And that it has the capacity to be worn in hundreds of different ways, instantly changing or enhancing a look. I hope you enjoy this collection.

 Sending you love and lots of smiles!        sara signature 


 The Meaning of Colour